Matt’s Professional Story


Matt is a speaker, author, educator and leading expert in Personalized Health and the prevention of chronic pain. His vision is to see a world free of chronic pain and disease.

Matt is entrepreneurial by nature and backs up strong intuition with solid grounding in systems, strategy, leadership and exposure. After founding and building over 5 successful businesses in the past 10 years, he has now founded the Ultimate Human Foundation, a non­profit organization devoted to transforming world health.

Matt is:

  • The holder of both a Bachelor and a Masters in Applied Human Sciences
  • A lecturer & clinical educator at multiple leading Universities in Australia
  • Recognized for his passion, excellence, skill and reputation in furthering the education of health professionals internationally.
  • An expert who regularly trains doctors, health practitioners and fitness experts globally in the art and science of the human body
  • An avid surfer

Matt is currently focused on launching a Personalized Health Revolution, bringing ancient and modern philosophies and medicines together to identify, classify and optimize Personal Health, specifically for each human. He is working with visionary leaders from around the globe to incorporate the entire mind­body­spirit connection into this experience while conducting scientific, evidence­ based research to enable global acceptance and implementation that will improve the health and future of humanity.

Matt is available for keynotes and speaking engagements internationally, please click here for more information.

Matt’s Personal Story

In late 2007, I left a well-established career as a physical therapist working with Olympic athletes and my lifelong home in Adelaide, Australia, to move to Brisbane, 1300 miles from almost everything I knew and loved. I felt happier and healthier there within just a few days of the move than I had in almost a decade. The wisdom of epigenetics had changed my life.

I suffer from familial amyloid polyneuropathy, a disease triggered by a mutation of the TTR gene. The disease is both neurodegenerative and autoimmune. It’s a diagnosis that, on average, is fatal within 10 years. By the time I moved to Brisbane, I had already had symptoms for almost a year. Did I only have 9 years left?

The symptoms began suddenly for me with sharp stabbing pain in my chest in early 2007, which quickly spread to my spine. I had never in my life experienced pain so severe and unrelenting.

Without many options for effective treatment, I tried what was offered: pain and anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and mobilization exercises. Nothing helped.

I began researching genetics, and whether my mutated TTR gene could be changed. My research led me to a few geneticists and researchers in the field of epigenetics, which studies the factors that can influence the expression of genes. Epigenetic factors include elements like diet, exercise, stress, and the environment in which we live.

Discovering the power of my lifestyle and environment to harm or to heal, I was inspired to found The Ultimate Human Foundation, a nonprofit organization aimed at utilizing epigenetics and personalized health to improve wellness around the world. Alongside a global team of doctors, researchers and scientists, I developed a wellness platform that applies epigenetics and geomedicine to deliver personalized health insights, and inspire the rise of health as a priority in societies across the globe.

Read more about Matt’s story in his book: The ph360 solution, Your personalized path to optimal health