Why Relying on Your GP is Bad for Your Health

When you get sick, your natural inclination is to go to the doctors. You’re in pain, you’re slow and tired, you can’t do the things you like to do – you generally don’t feel good and you just want someone to make it go away. This is completely understandable. No one likes being sick and […] Read More

How Technology Can be Life Changing

We have all been there – sitting at a computer trying to find a file, download something, install something, or any manner of computer related things, only to have the whole endeavor fail miserably resulting in frustration and quite possibly tears. The end result is abandoning the task and vowing to live the paleo lifestyle […] Read More

Why Personalized Health Treatment is the Future of Medicine

The modern medical industry focuses mainly on cures for existing diseases based on generic protocols that are meant to work for everyone. But this one-size-fits-all approach neglects to recognize that we are all unique and therefore have different medical needs. Imagine two women: Andrea and Francesca, both of whom are 33 years of age and suffering […] Read More

How Your Looks Can Predict Your Health Risks

We’ve all had down days. Bad hair days. Fat days. Days when we feel like we don’t look good and we don’t want to be seen in public. I’m happy with my body most of the time but, from time to time, i find myself standing in the mirror while getting ready and thinking ‘my […] Read More

5 Tech Solutions that Make Health Easy

Being healthy and feeling good well into old age has its challenges and there are two main reasons why that is. The first – information about what promotes health is inconsistent and confusing. The second – life is demanding and staying healthy is time consuming. We are often so busy that we don’t have time […] Read More

How You Can Take Control of Your Genes

Just ten to twenty years ago the major consensus was that we couldn’t change our genetic destiny, that we are born with the genes we have and there is little we can do to impact our health and lifespan. This was the general agreement even though in the 1940’s and 1950’s several scientist were already […] Read More

7 Reasons Why Modern Medicine is Letting Us Down

Health and Medical Science has come far in the last several decades, yet medical curriculum is lagging behind much of the now accepted and documented methods for promoting health. Diet is an excellent example. Although diet can affect everything from blood thickness to heart disease, headaches and diabetes, medication rather than diet is often the […] Read More