First and foremost, do my best to contribute towards a humanity free from chronic pain and disease.

To end needless suffering of individuals, communities, nations, of the world with the necessary evolution of future health concepts, strategies and interventions.

To see the integration of ancient and modern wisdom, science and technology to provide user-friendly models and engage global participation in P5 Health – predictive, preventative, personalized, participatory and promoted.

To inspire others to live a full and passionate life.

To educate and empower each and every person across the globe to know what is right, specifically for their body, to take control of their future health.

To speak a message that resonates with all of our different neurotypes in order to create behavioural change that is sustainable.

To be a leader, and a leading learner, of the things that really matter.

To appreciate my existence and be in awe of the intricacies of the art that is the human body.

To be grateful for my friends, my family and the opportunities that present yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To live, laugh, love, have fun and enjoy every moment in the moment.

“If we can shift the world’s focus to prevention and sustainability we will be successful in eliminating pain, disease and illness in the coming generations.” Matt Riemann 2008