About Matt

Get to know Matt from his own story, both in the past and what the hopes to create for the future.

Personalized Health

Personalized health is now accessible and affordable. Learn more about the revolutionary technology here.


Matt and his team travel the world to provide transformational experiences for body, mind and soul.


Your Personalized Path to Optimal Health available soon. Pre-order your copy now.

About Matt Riemann

Imagine a world free from chronic pain and disease. Matt believes this is achievable for everyone and he’s on a mission to make it happen. Personalized Health is an exciting frontier that could determine the fate of humanity over the coming generations.


Personalized Health Revolution

Matt is currently focused on launching a Personalized Health Revolution, bringing ancient and modern philosophies and medicines together to identify, classify and optimize Personal Health, specifically for each human.


Take the HealthType Test

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What is the HealthType test?

The HealthType test is a quick, fun test that gives you a 15 page report covering food, fitness and lifestyle advice based on your HealthType, the beginners version of Personalized Health. Take the HealthType test now FREE

The Ultimate Human Foundation

The Ultimate Human Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating Chronic Pain and Disease from the Human Race. Making Personalized Health accessible to every human on the planet, the Ultimate Human Foundation Initiatives focus on Research, Action, Education and Community. As Founding Director Matt Riemann is driven to lead the Future Human Health Movement.