How is identity linked to our soul path?

How do personal health & epigenetics relate to spirituality?

How does Personal Health & Epigenetics relate to spirituality? This is a great question! Firstly, our Epigenetics (those factors on or around our genes that affect the way they express and create our phenotype) influence our hormones and brain activity which impacts our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and attitudes.  The foods we eat can make us …

Aug 06, 2023

How to Drop a Size (or Two) Fast!

As more people are reporting the results of their use of ph360, we’re hearing a recurring, and temporarily annoying side effect: They have to buy new clothes! We know, we know—it’s a problem a lot of people wouldn’t mind having. The tricky part is that the weight seems to come off more quickly than people even realize, and within weeks, the clothes …

Feb 06, 2020

Take a Vacation For Your Genes

New evidence suggests that your genetic background has a lot to do with the climate your body is best suited for. Geomedicine is the study of the effects of the environment on health. It turns out that not all body types thrive in every environment. So if your ancestors were Vikings who spent their time hunting, …

Jan 08, 2020