Experience Healing and Transformation at HealersFest!


Are you a Healer seeking

a vibrant community to nurture

your gifts and foster growth?

Look no further than HealersFest – a remarkable gathering of kindred spirits from diverse backgrounds and experience levels.


Why come to HealersFest?

Discover a haven where healing minds unite.

HealersFest is your sanctuary for questions, experiences, and gift validation. Whether you’re new to healing or a seasoned practitioner, this space fosters growth, connection, and conscious healing. Our community guides you through knowledge, validation, and wisdom, embracing your unique journey.


Unparalleled Support

Leave isolation behind. No more trial and error. Connect with those who’ve walked your path, offering insights, guidance, and confirmation.


Transformative Experiences

Immerse in nature’s embrace with healers from diverse backgrounds. Explore modalities, from meditations to crystal healings, expanding body, mind, and soul.


Diverse Exploration

Delve into The Mind, Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and more. Connect with new perspectives and techniques to amplify your practice.


Instant Family

Join a nurturing family of like-minded souls. Gain lifelong friends who share your passions and aspirations, supporting you every step of your spiritual journey.


Universal Service

Answer the call to a higher purpose. Whether hands-on healing or guiding minds, explore your gifts and aid others in their journeys.


What Awaits You

Embrace openness, connection, and growth. For 3 days and under the stars, immerse in local traditions, workshops, and healing modalities. Expand your soul through deep discussions, nurturing friendships, and transformative experiences. Learn about:

– The Mind

– Emotional Intelligence

– Our Physical Vehicle

– Nature & Nurture 

– Ancient Wisdom & Healing 

– Universal Knowledge 

– The Metaphysical World 

– Extrasensory Experiences

– Energetics

– Spirituality & Divinity

– Time & Space

– The Future of Humanity


What is Included in HealersFest?

HealersFest is an enchanting convergence of kindred souls, a sacred space where healers from all paths and experience levels unite. It’s a realm of healing, growth, and transformation, where passionate, heart-centered individuals come together to amplify the collective consciousness.

– 3 Day/2 Night In-person event

– Sacred, Nature-based location chosen for its energetics

– Room Options/Availability vary per location

– Daily Meditations

– Nourishing foods, beverages, and conversations

– All meals, accommodation, workshops, personal healings, and experiences included

Your Journey Begins Here

HealersFest is your invitation to dive deep, connect profoundly, and heal collectively. The universe brought you here for a reason. Join us on this incredible adventure of self-discovery and transformation. Welcome to HealersFest – your new family of light and love! Apply now and embrace the journey.


Apply Now for Your Space of Transformation!

Energetic connections and group coherence is important to us. An application process is required to join a limited gathering (30 max) of soulful seekers and healers, ensuring an authentic, high vibe and supportive community atmosphere.