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Short Biography

Matt Riemann is an author, educator and leading expert in personalized health and the prevention of chronic pain. A social entrepreneur, he is also the Founder of The Ultimate Human Foundation. Matt has founded several businesses in health and medicine over the past 10 years, most recently launching, and it’s mobile counterpart Shae, the world’s first smart health app based on personalized epigenetics and gene expression. He has been consulted by the United Nations, World Health Organization and the United States Army on Personalized Health and has been featured as a speaker online and at conferences around the world including a TED talk in 2015.

Recent Appearances

  • World Congress, San Diego 2014; Prevention & Wellness
  • CommNexus, San Diego 2014; Leveraging Digital Health, Technology, Mobility and Person-centricity to Bend the Sickness Curve
  • US Military, Washington, D.C. 2014; Expert Advisor, Brain Health Consortium
  • UN/WHO, Los Angeles 2014; Personalizing the Health Message
  • Anytime Fitness, Las Vegas 2014; Personalization for Results in Health
  • SA Health Collaborative Health Professionals, Adelaide (2005-)2014; Digital Personalisation of Future Health
  • FutureMed, San Diego 2013; Future Human Health: the Intersection of Integrative Medicine and Biotechnology
  • iLab, Bali 2013; Preventing Chronic Pain and Disease: The Ultimate Human

Recent Projects

  • Founding Director, The Ultimate Human Foundation, Ultimate Human Health 2013: the personalized health revolution bringing eastern and western philosophies and medicines together to identify, classify and optimize personal health, specific for You.
  • Founder, Anthrophi Technologies 2013: Global personal health solutions
  • Founder, MagicMinds 2014: Research group focusing on relationships between neuroscience and personal health of both the physical and energetic body and mind.
  • Founder, Elite Body Management Specialist Centres 2008: multidisciplinary health specialist centers in Australia assisting over 10,000 people per year to cure pain and prevent future occurrence, including teams and athletes at international, national and state level

Vision Topics

Matt’s expertise on Personalized Health and Future Health, combined with his own personal health journey, allow him to speak on these, sometimes complex, topics in an approachable and understandable way.

Future Medicine: the Personalized Health Revolution

Want to know what’s best for your body? The optimal way for you to eat, breathe, live, exercise and spend your time on the earth? Combining eastern and western philosophies and medicines, discover how to identify, classify and optimize Personal Health, specifically for Your body.

  • Witness a simple process to reveal your hidden health secrets
  • Uncover amazing information and exclusive research into health & chronic disease
  • Discover a revolutionary system for personalized health

Chronic Disease Prevention: the Simple Key to Preventing Chronic Disease

Want to know what’s coming your way? Or maybe you suffer in Pain every day? Discover how Scientific evidence mixed with Integrative health can ensure that you keep Chronic Disease at Bay!

  • Reveal innovative technology to predict your future health
  • Learn Proven techniques to help reduce pain and improve your quality of life
  • Discover how research from a select group of health experts can empower you

The Future of Health: What’s next? as Siri & Watson threaten the existence of GP’s and Health Practitioners

Ever wondered why your Doctor googles your symptoms? The information is out there and the future of health may not be as we know it. Will the supercomputer be more efficient than the humble human brain at symptomatic diagnoses?

  • Reveal spectacular technological advances in health
  • Uncover startling information on the future of human interaction in the diagnosis process
  • The Future of prescribing your own health

Magical Health Cures: the role of Specific and Detailed Holistic Assessments, Diagnoses & Interventions

Integrative medicine with a scientific edge – discover how using the best of both worlds can lead to unparalleled results.

  • How kooky tools provide critical detail
  • Achieving breakthrough results from holistic assessments
  • Why the majority doesn’t want to believe it!

Human Destiny: Predicting future Health issues to allow Prevention and Survival of the Human Race

Do you want to know what’s in store? Scared you’ll end up like your parents? Discover a unique process to ensure that you nourish your body with what it needs now to avoid issues in the future.

  • Learn little known tips to give you the edge
  • How to identify, classify and optmise Your future health
  • How to get the health and life we all so richly deserve